Unique Christmas Items for Sale

By Micky | Ecuador Project Hope

Nov 25

Christmas Crafts by the Indigenous

I was visiting my family in Florida and brought crocheted items that the Indigenous made at our food kitchen Place of Hope. 

Attached are photos and prices, or make an offer.  My daughter has the items in Florida and will mail your choice to you (item price + postage) from Florida. A check can be sent to her to deposit for me. I can withdraw to pay the women for items that sell.

Remember, this is a great cause and gives these elderly women  self esteem for their efforts to earn some income.

I will be doing an update in December as to all the good things happening and our celebration of Christmas as most of our people are Catholic.

Thank you for your support and wishing you Happy Holidays with your families and friends.

Micky Enright 

Ecuador Project Hope is operated under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation a Florida non-profit foundation. All these Christmas were crafted by the local Indigenous.

Prices in USD:


Single large doily indigenous figures on the edge

Double set of doilies

Scarf set (2) white with blue trim

Individual scarf

Brown wrap around neck scarf







Click on the images to view a larger size.

Ecuador Project Hope
Ecuador Project Hope is operated under the guidelines of Global Help Foundation a non-profit located in Naples, Florida

If you would like to designate your donation to a particular item please indicate.  No donation is too small and deeply appreciated. Tax receipts are available.

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